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Meet our team

Learn about the awesome team that makes Zivity go.

Cyan Banister

CEO, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Cyan was born into a family of artists and grew up around paint, photography and music. From these beginnings, she developed a life-long appreciation for the arts that eventually inspired the Zivity platform. Cyan has held many leadership roles throughout her career, from leading technical operations teams in an enterprise software company to helping women master technology as CTO of a nonprofit organization. Photo by MERKLEY.

Scott Banister

Chairman & Co-Founder

Scott built his career by identifying new markets and shaping innovative products for them. In 1995, he identified search engines as a significant advertising medium and invented the first products to automate marketing across multiple search engines, ultimately creating the bid-for-placement business model. As an initial investor and Director at PayPal, he was a co-inventor of the 'email payments' product now widely used on eBay.

Nadya Lev

General Manager

Nadya Lev is a photographer, writer and artist. Her photography has appeared in Vogue Italia, Dazed & Confused and Nick Knight's SHOWStudio. In 2007, she co-founded Coilhouse, an award-winning magazine celebrating alterntive culture and art. Her goal at Zivity is to foster an inclusive, creatively-stimulating atmosphere in which artists get paid for doing what they love. Photo: Clayton Cubitt.

Star St.Germain

Creative Director

Star has been mastering the art of working in multiple mediums since she had the idea to finger-paint her Legos. She likes identity design, behavioral science, and the color red. She has modeled for David LaChapelle and plays the electric cello. At Zivity, she's in charge of everything related to design.

OkiDoki Okami

Mother of Dragons

Okami is an internationally-sought professional model who got her start on Zivity. Her adventures in modeling have taken her from Amsterdam to San Francisco, and everywhere in between. Here at Zivity, Okami is Zendesk slayer, social media machine, burgeoning product manager, and all-around badass.

Dennis Collective

Lead Developer

Dennis Collective is a lumberjack figure in North American folklore. One of the most famous and popular folklore heroes, he is usually described as a giant as well as a lumberjack of unusual skill, and is often accompanied in stories by his animal companion, Babe the Blue Ox.

Chief Photographers

Steve Prue
Brooklyn, NY
Corwin Prescott
Philadelphia, PA
Kitty Wood
Lincolnshire, UK
Sarah Beth Faison
Virginia Beach, VA

Model Ambassadors

English Babs
UK Ambassador
Michigan Ambassador
NorCal Ambassador
Texas Ambassador

Contact Us

Mailing Address
645 Haight St. #16
San Francisco, CA 94117
[email protected]
(415) 570-ZIVY (9489)
Our normal business hours are: 12pm - 7 pm EST. Monday - Friday