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 Hollywood, CA

Check out more of my Cosplay and Latex design work on Facebook... and don't forget to LIKE my fan page <3

My name is Annissë (the ë is pronounced like AHH - Annissë). I am a Cancer born in the summer of July 11th. I am a model and costume designer involved in coplay costume design. I have been modeling for about 15 years. Started out in small town beauty pagents and worked my way into the industry by meeting new people that have helped me to discover a potential carreer in modeling. I particuarily love gothic and fetish style modeling but my look is VERY versitle. I own a vast array of commerical and exciting styles of fashions that I have either recreated into my own ideas or completely made by hand putting an extensive amount of hours, love and dedication into making. Next to modeling, costume design and sewing are an extreme passion of mine, without them, I would not feel alive, making my designs come to life completes me. I also LOVE to dance! This is another passion of mine next to my costuming passion. I work my ass off getting details just right and I am fully dedicated to getting the job done and perfecting it. I have been designing and recreating costumes since I was very young, that amounts to about 25 years. REALLY! I can definately say that Halloween is my favorite time of the year and must have been what sparked my interest in costume fantasy design. I am completely self trained in this trade, I did not go to school for any of my costume work you see pictured here in my profile. Currently, I work for the television industry to pay the bills. I would rather be working in the Television/Film industry as a professional costume designer... I am working on this creating a whole new line of Annissë's Designs for a future fashion show and sales. Let me know if anyone is interested in sponsoring my designs. Anyone who is interested in working with me and modeling my designs for meplease contact me anytime. Also, please contact me regarding my costume designs. I specialize in recreating alot of movie, comic book characters, as well as my own creations and I also am a corset maker and latex clothing designer.

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