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Feeling frisky as it's nearly weekend.. Show some love guys and I'll send some sexy videos 😉 xx

I'm Kara. I'm a pole dance instructor from the North West of England. I'm also a former dancer and a lover of ink and tattoos. So expect flexibility, a bit of crazy, but most of all fun! I'm quite unpredictable, but in the right ways.. Never a dull moment that's for sure!
I'm very loyal and for those who look after me, I make sure I look after them twice as much 😏😉 xxx

My sexy incentives

5 votes get the set

10 votes gets the set and bonus set one

15 votes gets the above and bonus set two

30 votes gets all the above and a personalised thank you video.. Please see wall for "thankyou" video options..

60 votes gets the above and a sexy strip tease

🔴For special requests, such as a pole dance striptease, chair striptease, girl on girl lap dance video, or a mixture 😉 please message me for more details 💖💖💖

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6 Photosets


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Posted on 05/16/2014 by KaraG (Reply | Delete)
Thank you video choices

◾️ Raunchy:
If you want the thank you video done in sexy underwear with flirty mannerisms and a little erotica, you can put another 30 votes on the same set... You'd also receive the striptease video from the set....Want more than this?? Then on top of this, see below.

◾️ Erotic:
For a longer thank you video with topless striptease you can put an extra 60 votes on the same set.

◾️ Not for the faint hearted:
This will get you an even longer video of upto 3 minutes, and you have a few options of whether you'd like a pole dance striptease, chair striptease or lap dance striptease.. And can choose 2 of those options... This includes FULL striptease... For an extra 120 votes xxx

❤️ if your unsure on any of these offers and would like me to explain further, please message me 💋 which option is for you?? You decide! 😘😏 xx

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Iv been off for a while, and have lots of messages to get through, please be patient with me, I will get there haha... Much love to you all, and it's good to be back xxx


Thankyouuu sexyyy xx


Loving the Profile Piccy you HOT lady xxxxx