in Outdoor Perfection (30 photos)

by ricyoung


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“I have always been a HUGE fan of good lighting, I’d guess it goes back to some old school hollywood photographers I have always loved. They would spend days planning, tweaking and getting everything 100% perfect, before the model even got on set. Well, in todays world I often see blown out highlights, death black shadows and out of focus images, bad focal panels, and so much more. However, to see images where all the elements are correct, well there is just something magical about these images, the images look very real, they look touchable, they jump off the screen and in to your heart. ”



Peacock Anyone?

featuring KaydenLove


Kayden Loves Stocking Set

featuring KaydenLove


Kayden Red Rufflles

featuring KaydenLove


Painted Beauty

featuring KaydenLove


Golden Gate Beauty

featuring Jordanlehn



featuring knickinicole

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