in The eyes have it (23 photos)

by ricyoung


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“I have always had a 'thing' for eyes or face shoots. I don't see them that often in moden photography, in old or vintage photography you will see face and head shoots more often. I guess for me.. the eye are the key to the soul, if your an honest person and working with an honest model you should have problem capturing the face and the eyes. Reannas eyes are so beautiful in this set I had to focus on them, you can almost tell what she is thinking. I’m thinking the eyes have it.”



Space Godess

featuring ReannaMae


Romantic Lighting Love

featuring ReannaMae


Reannas Agent Provocateur

featuring ReannaMae


Window Light

featuring ReannaMae


Pale Pony

featuring Torro


Wine Down, Ass Up

featuring wolfsoul

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