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 San Francisco

feeling creative!

I am…completely and utterly unique. I sing my own song and I dance my own dance. My dreams are made of different colors and my passion beats a different drum.

I work with animals. I’m a pet therapist and I foster cats. My rat is better trained than most dogs. I love being surrounded by nature and I’ve never been afraid of getting dirty. Take that however you’d like.

I am…exactly like everyone else. I fall, I climb, I grow. I laugh and I cry. I have secrets, doubts, goals, and fears. I won’t judge you for yours. I can be shy and timid. I can be outgoing and boisterous. It really all depends.

I’m a proud nerd, an avid performer, and a ravenous omnivore. I am an adventure waiting to be written, and you are happily invited to be a part of the story.

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16 Photosets


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****NEW SET****
Many of you already know that cat themed everything is always my favorite, so I couldn't resist entering the Cat Shot Redux contest! You'll notice my guest star, Tamiyo. She's the kitten we rescued last year, discovered in a tree stump at two weeks old. Look how well she's grown! I love being able to include her in my work. She is such a perfect, intelligent, and curious cat! She's become the household mom, taking care of all the foster kittens we bring home through our rescue work. My life is better with her in it.

Remember to message me if you're interested in an incentive, otherwise I will assume that you are not.

All Voters: Receive a special wallpaper (1920x1080) from this set.
5 Votes: Receive any 1 full resolution image from this set.
15 Votes: Receive the full resolution Zivity set.
20 Votes: Receive the full set, plus outtakes.
25 Votes: Receive an 8x12 print of any image, autographed and kissed.
25 Votes: Receive a random NSFW video from my collection.
30 Votes: Receive any 2 incentives, plus the wallpaper.
50 Votes: Receive the full set, outtakes, print, video, and wallpaper.

In honor of Tamiyo's debut set, you may request that I donate to the rescue program I volunteer for on your behalf INSTEAD of taking an incentive. I'll donate 25% of your votes during the month of November, and I'll e-mail a picture of the donation going through along with a photo and bio of one of the foster cats.

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soooo sexy,love the "dressing up" set


Thanks for accepting my FR :)


****NEW SET****

My entry for the Surveillance State prize. ^_^ I had SO much fun shooting for this. We also shot for the Beer Shower prize as well, but we were too late! Alas! So your incentives will include a mix of both sets, since they go so well together! And maaaybe an edited version of some of the fun that Go Pro picked up as well! True Story: After watching The Truman Show I had a secret, but very real fear that I was constantly being watched. I refused to get dressed in front of mirrors for years!


5 Votes: Any one picture from the set, edited into a sexy wallpaper for you!
10 Votes: Receive the entire Zivity set.
20 Votes: Receive access to all 135 pictures, free to download in high resolution!
40 Votes: Receive the 20 vote incentive AND a signed print of your choice.

5 Votes: I'll send you a 5 to 10 minute video with nudity. (Tame)
10 Votes: I'll send you a 5 to 10 minute video with nudity. (Explicit)
20 Votes: I'll send you a 16 minute explicit video.
80 Votes: Create your own! We'll make you a custom 5 to 10 minute video!

40 Votes: I'll follow you on Twitter. DM me anytime you want!
70 Votes: I'll give you my KIK. Chat with me and request candid pictures!
90 Votes: 10 minute Skype date.
130 Votes: 20 minute Skype date.

Note: My subscription boxes may include prints and fun merchandise, a flash drive full of goodies, my own panties (let me know if you prefer/like socks), and interesting/sexy surprises! The contents are different every month.
40 Votes: One month subscription. Additional 10 votes if outside the US.
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You must contact me if you are interested in an incentive or I will assume you're not interested. Thank you so much!