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Present days... In a galaxy not so far away

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Very Patient

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Posted on 09/22/2014 by Ernelle   
New set ! I called it " Zatanna" because... Hehe go and discover it if you want so.

  • Posted on 02/22/2015 by Trashherink   
    Thanks for accepting my FR, I will be passing by Paris in april so if you feel like working with me let me know

  • Posted on 09/01/2014 by WPLProductions   
    Thank you for accepting my FR

  • Posted on 09/01/2014 by Mjadams   
    thank u love for accept my fr! <3
    have an amazing week

  • Posted on 09/01/2014 by onirico   
    Hey, great debut! keep going ;)

  • Posted on 09/01/2014 by Ernelle   
    Thank you ! PS : Your work is amazing

  • Posted on 09/01/2014 by onirico   
    Thanks, i'm glad you like it.

  • Posted on 08/28/2014 by KatrinaWhite   
    Cold Beauty is a lovely set! :) Welcome to Zivity!

  • Posted on 09/01/2014 by Ernelle   
    Thank you, I hope I won't disapoint you when the next sets will be published

  • Posted on 08/26/2014 by Mammstein   
    Je viens de lire ton Ask, j'en suis perso à :
    - 26x livre I
    - 26x livre II
    - 26x livre III
    - 25x livre IV (oui bon je suis en train de le regarder)
    - 18x livre V
    - 11x livre VI

    Et toi ?

  • Posted on 08/26/2014 by Ernelle   
    J'avoue que je me suis pas amusée à compter vu que je regarde en boucle depuis Septembre 2012 mais je me suis calmée depuis que j'habite chez moi. Donc je switchais d'un livre à l'autre et tout ça au moment do coucher, Kaamelott m'a bercé, je les connais par coeur ( un peu moins les livre V et VI j'admets mais putain qu'est ce que je les aime) ;)

  • Posted on 08/25/2014 by armasmarissa11   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request!

  • Posted on 08/26/2014 by Ernelle   
    You welcome ;)

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